How to get rid of papillomas at home?

Papillomas on the face

Experts say that the human papillomavirus is found in the organisms of most of the inhabitants of our planet. That is why, to one degree or another, this disease manifests itself in infected people, in some cases simply forcing the carrier to remove them with papillomas.

Despite the fact that these are benign formations, before undertaking their self-removal, of course, it is better to consult with doctors. And, nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to know how to remove papillomas at home using the available means.

The right approach to self-treatment

Before taking on the removal of a build-up, in any case, it is better to check with a specialist, since improper actions can lead to very disastrous consequences. The fact is that any medical methods for removing papillomas will only lead to cleansing the skin from the build-up, but the virus itself, at least for now, is considered incurable, therefore a more comprehensive approach is needed to solve the problem.

Papillomas on the neck

The doctor will give hints, he will select the best means for removal, and also draw a conclusion whether it is possible to remove the papilloma at all in a particular case.

Rules to follow

For those who want to effectively cure papilloma, there are several rules that will help prevent mistakes that lead to serious problems.

These very rules are as follows:

  • Under no circumstances should a papilloma be removed using sharp objects. Various sharp forceps, scissors, or a banal tearing off the build-up with your hands is unacceptable;
  • If the growth has formed on the eyelid, its independent removal is almost impossible - it is too dangerous;
  • It is not recommended to remove papillomas on the mucous membranes, since these areas are most susceptible to further infection and other wounds entering the wounds;
  • Before taking on the removal, especially for the means for burning out papillomas, it is necessary to take protective measures for the skin that is next to the papilloma. To do this, you can apply a regular patch;
  • A consultation with a doctor is required, because he can prohibit the removal of papillomas at home, due to their characteristics.

These basic rules will help to negate the dangers implied by the process of removing papillomas on your own.

Possible complications

Without a doubt, it is quite possible to remove the papilloma at home, but before you boldly take on this matter, you need to study all the possible consequences. The main complications observed during self-removal of growths are:

  • The appearance of a scar if the papilloma has disappeared without other consequences;
  • Burns on unprotected areas of the skin near the papilloma;
  • There is a possibility of infection in the wound that appeared after removal;
  • If the removal has not gone completely, the neoplasm often grows back;
  • Bleeding is often observed from the wound;
  • There is a possibility of the appearance of a malignant formation;
  • It is possible to start the growth of even more papillomas.
Complication of self-removal of papilloma

Alternative methods of removing papillomas

When deciding how to remove papillomas at home, many turn to traditional medicine recipes, since going to the pharmacy can be associated with high costs. So by what means of traditional medicine can you effectively remove papilloma from your body?

Folk remedies for removing papillomas

As always, there are a large number of options, and here are the most effective ones:

  • Wormwood and violet recipe. The preparation of the infusion begins with mixing in a 1: 1 ratio of violets and wormwood, to which plantain is added (the third part in the ratio of ingredients), after which all this is poured with hot water. After 24 hours of infusion, it is necessary to drain the liquid and drink it daily in a tablespoon;
  • Removal of papilloma with lemon essential oil. To remove papillomas, it is enough to apply this oil once a day, in the amount of one drop, directly to the papilloma, but you should try not to touch the skin around the formation;
  • With the help of garlic, you can reduce the papilloma in a month. To do this, crush 3-5 cloves of garlic, pouring them with sunflower oil. After mixing, a gruel is formed, which, once a day, for 30 days, must be applied daily to the neoplasm;
  • With the help of garlic, papillomas can be removed
  • In addition, getting rid of papillomas on the genitals is possible, thanks to aloe juice. You can apply plant sap to a cloth or cotton pad by making a compress before bed. Treatment takes place exactly until the moment the papilloma disappears;
  • Onion and vinegar recipe. To prepare this remedy, you need to take half a head of onion, chop it and with the help of apple cider vinegar, so to speak, pickle this onion. After 2-3 hours, the onion will soften and you can knead it. The resulting puree is applied to the papilloma every other day, for 30 minutes, within a month. After application, it is advisable to cover the place with polyethylene;
  • Another popular remedy is celandine juice. If it is not possible to use fresh plants, then you can replace them with celandine oil. The juice of the plant is applied daily, in the morning and in the evening, to the papilloma, usually after a month, patients remove all growths from the skin;
  • You can treat papillomas at home using more exotic recipes. The so-called "Adam's apple" or the fruit of the maclura can be used to remove papillomas. The fruit is crushed (a grater is suitable for this), 0. 5 liters of vodka is poured, after which, in a place where sunlight does not fall, the tincture should stand for 14 days. For a month, in 100 ml of water, before meals, 3 drops of tincture are added once a day, but in the last week the dose should be increased to 4 drops. It is recommended to carry out the treatment for 2 months, increasing the dose to 7 drops, drop by drop per week, and then going down to 3 drops by the end of the treatment;
  • It should be noted that the treatment of papillomas at home can take place without self-preparation of funds. For example, echinacea, which is sold in pharmacies, is suitable for the manufacturer's prescription and also helps in treating the visual manifestations of HPV;
  • Papillomas are removed using a tincture of walnut and kerosene. The young nut is finely chopped, then poured with kerosene and left to stand for 3 weeks. The treatment will also take 3 weeks, provided that the tincture is applied daily;
  • Tincture of walnut and kerosene for the treatment of papillomas
  • A good remedy is tea tree oil. Twice a day, oil is applied to the papilloma (do not lubricate the skin next to it with it), the procedure is performed until the formation disappears completely;
  • Well, the last of the most effective recipes - onion peels are poured with vinegar, infused for about 14 days in a dark place. From the received funds, daily before going to bed, you need to make compresses on the affected areas.

Using these recipes, you can independently try to cure the manifestations of HPV on the skin. But how to get rid of papillomas at home using professional remedies sold in a pharmacy? This will be discussed further.

Home medication

Considering that any treatment for papillomas should begin with a visit to the doctor, the question remains, is it possible to remove papillomas at home, using pharmacy products that are dispensed without a prescription? Of course, this is the choice of the patient himself, but you should understand how risky this is.

All drugs make it possible to get rid of the human papillomavirus only in terms of its manifestations on the skin, but they will not be able to expel the disease from the body, however, at the moment, medicine does not yet know how this can be done at all. That is why the question arises, how to deal with papillomas so that they no longer appear on the skin? Antiviral therapy is suitable for this, putting the HPV into a "resting state".

Antiviral therapy

Today there are three good antiviral drugs that can be used to fight this disease inside the body. Of course, there will be no complete cure, but it will be possible to muffle the effect of HPV, which will prevent the appearance of new papillomas in the future.

The funds will allow you to more quickly put the body in order, while helping, both folk recipes and medicines, to more effectively fight the disease. Of course, more attention should be paid to immunity, healthy eating and so on, because all this makes it possible to more actively fight the papillomavirus.

Other home treatment options

In addition to the recipes recommended by traditional medicine, as well as pharmacy medicines, you can use other options that are more related to folk remedies, but are often more readily available and do not require the preparation of complex mixtures.

These include:

  • Laundry soap. . . You just need to grate it and apply it to the papilloma before going to bed. This is done every day, until the formation is completely removed (it dries up). Some people recommend adding a little cream to the soap to get a more convenient preparation for application;
  • Iodine. . . Oddly enough, the properties of this most accessible disinfectant allow you to fight papillomas, drying them;
  • Castor oil. . . It is purchased at a pharmacy, but is not considered an unambiguous medication. Nevertheless, it is often used against the manifestations of HPV. Sometimes it is combined with baking soda for even greater effect;
  • Hydrogen peroxide. . . For the papilloma removal procedure, you need exactly a 3% peroxide solution. You need to apply several times a day, until the papilloma is completely dry, then it will disappear on its own;
  • Vinegar. . . This caustic agent, which is more commonly used in cooking, can work well against skin growths. Using a pipette, a drop of vinegar is applied to the papilloma, after which it is sealed with a plaster for about 30-40 minutes. 3 procedures are enough for the build-up to dry out;
  • Banana peel. . . Such treatment is carried out less often, but still, the reverse side of the banana peel, which is rubbed with papilloma, will make it possible to remove the papilloma after 2-3 weeks, if you perform the procedure several times every day.

Only after considering all the proposed options, you can finally decide how you can get rid of papillomas at home, while getting a really positive result. Whether this is a houseplant, for example aloe, or a purchased drug, does not really matter, because, whatever one may say, it is the doctor who should deal with the solution of this issue and the selection of the ideal remedy. Independent actions can lead to more dangerous consequences than just the formation of small papillomas.

Preventive measures

Since not everyone has HPV, and there are very different ways of transmitting it, you should adhere to very simple rules in order to protect yourself from infection. Even those who are carriers should heed the following preventive measures so that there is no reason for the prerequisites to use all of the above treatments:

  • You need to use only personal hygiene products;
  • It is better to give up wearing strangers' earrings, rings and chains;
  • The most common places of papillomas manifestation (neck, hands and face), in too hot weather, should be treated with special antibacterial wipes;
  • You need to monitor immunity, try not to take antibiotics and hormonal drugs;
  • It is better to exclude casual sexual relations, especially not protected;
  • Sometimes it is worth undergoing comprehensive examinations by specialists;
  • Treatment will be more effective only with an integrated approach and under the supervision of a doctor.

If you follow such simple rules, as well as engage in prevention and always solve the problem with professionally trained people, then HPV will be able to defeat much faster or not feel the consequences of the presence of this virus in the body at all. Any initiative and rash actions can lead to the most dire consequences, which many do not even think about.