Celandine for warts: advantages and disadvantages of the remedy

Traditional medicine claims that the use of celandine for warts is justified. We, as conscientious citizens, and certainly not enemies to our health, should check this fact before using celandine in the fight against warts and other neoplasms.

Many of us have experienced a considerable number of different methods of dealing with warts - not very pleasant-looking benign formations on the surface of the skin. Surgical excision is quite unpleasant, especially since it can leave a scar after the operation, burning out the wart with liquid nitrogen is too long and even more painful process, and laser methods are not available to everyone. So an ordinary person has to invent a new, or rather, consider the ancient method of removing warts - celandine.

celandine herb flowers for warts

Believe me, we are absolutely not supporters of traditional medicine, many of which do not justify the use and may even be hazardous to health, but simply share observations and facts that have existed for many years. And they all indicate that the treatment of warts with celandine is quite effective.

folk remedies with celandine for warts

Freshly cut plants, or rather, their caustic and poisonous juice, are used to remove warts with celandine. It is recommended to start treatment during the flowering period of the plant in order to have time to remove the unpleasant neoplasm until the plant loses its healing properties.

How to remove a wart with celandine?

There are a few simple procedures to treat, cauterize, and remove warts. Before starting the process, you must thoroughly wash the skin around the wart and be sure to lubricate this area with a protective cream, otherwise you can very easily get healthy skin burns. Then you need to use celandine juice from warts, that is, treat the formation with fresh, concentrated juice. The place where you applied a specific type of juice will darken almost immediately. This procedure is carried out for about a week, until the wart, burned with celandine, dries up and falls off.

drops of celandine from warts

As you can see, it is very easy to remove warts with celandine, and quite quickly, but there are also negative aspects of the process. Initially, these are mandatory precautions when working with poisonous celandine juice, as it can leave burns and stains on the skin. It should be remembered that celandine is used for warts, which means that you should not lubricate the skin around it. We also recommend that you make sure that even the smallest amount of juice does not get on the mucous membranes, which is very unpleasant and even dangerous.

Disadvantages of using celandine

celandine herb for warts

Burning warts with celandine is widely used in different countries with different cultures and customs of traditional medicine. Fresh celandine juice, celandine extract from warts, as well as a special remedy are often used. Perhaps these funds and drugs help get rid of ugly and unpleasant growths on the skin, but they all have their negative sides.

It's worth starting with the fact that this method causes a lot of painful, burning and itching sensations, so not everyone can easily tolerate celandine warts. Moreover, this applies to young children who cannot be forced to endure pain or itching.

This is also dangerous because after cauterization, a small, but still a wound is formed that heals for too long, and plus to this, infections are also possible. In its place, a light spot easily appears, which can last a lifetime, or a scar that dissolves for a very long time.

Other celandine-based wart remedies

For these reasons, people are trying to get away from such methods a little and not use concentrated celandine juice, and even more so, avoid treating plantar warts with celandine, since numerous wounds on the soles will not allow easy movement. Therefore, more and more often mixed funds are used, which are just as effective, but do not have such a negative effect:

  • One of these is considered a means for the preparation of which pure celandine juice is mixed with propolis tincture (10%), in proportions of 1: 5. Further, several times folded sterile bandage or gauze is dipped into the prepared solution and applied to the site of the neoplasm. The procedure is performed 2 times a day;
  • The method that uses glycerin and celandine for warts is also popular among the people. Reviews of its impact on education are very positive;
  • And finally, if you think pure celandine against warts is a very burning and unpleasant remedy, then mix dried celandine and petroleum jelly. The result is a soft and well-functioning ointment that can be used at any time.

In folk medicine, not only ordinary celandine is used, but also mountain celandine for warts. Reviews about this plant vary greatly, so we will not give examples of them so as not to confuse our readers, but first of all, we will advise you to use only the most proven and effective methods. But, before using even the most popular remedy, such as celandine for warts, the instructions of which are detailed and the price of which is low, you definitely need to consult a doctor. The reason for this is the specificity of warts, because they can be harmless, or they can be very dangerous, so do not neglect the advice of professionals and always consult with doctors before using a new remedy or drug for yourself.